Olive Grove at Sunset

The Nutritional Institute Carapelli was born in 2001 as a promoting center of scientific research for the Olive under all its aspects: Chemical, sensorial, agronomical, technological, humanistic, biochemical and nutritional.

Nutrition has always been a fundamental chapter in the studies conducted by the Nutritional Institute: It has carried on a hard work of disclosure, on a cultural and educational level, directed to the scientific world and to the world of schools and consumers, in order to contribute to the diffusion of a wider food culture for a correct diet.


The Nutritional Institute Carapelli – ONLUS (non-profit Foundation) – has purely social aims and, in particular, it has the purpose of scientific research, that, as stated in its charter, are:

• Encouraging, through a multidisciplinary research, the knowledge of nutritional value of the olive oil in the universal diet;

• Promoting educational activities on the themes of a healthy diet, including educational projects promoted within the Italian schools;

• Encouraging and financing scientific research in the field of olive oil, evaluated by an appropriate Scientific Committee;

• Building a dedicated space to a qualified scientific debate on olive oil that would involve producer countries and not;

• Giving evidence, disseminating and publishing the results of research projects to the scientific community;

• Promoting the execution of studies, the organization of conferences, meetings and other events related to the olive oil field, also through the construction of a virtual site for the entire scientific community.